Angela Edmuns

the concept

The five elements is an ensemble of ancient philosophy. From a wide array of cultures a common thread found through our ancient civilizations is the five elemental effects of Earth, Wood, Water, Metal and Fire.

These five elements have each been incorporated together into the design of SBL, in a balanced and harmonious fashion; the resulting atmosphere for the individual experiencing the spa will be one of fortification and renewal. The elements will be reflected and carried through and within the actual structure of SBL.

The Five Essentials of Life:



Productive, fertile, Solid
Reflected in the Individual - stable, reliable, tenacious, grounded


Growing, flourishing, rooted yet pushing upward
Reflected in the Individual - Striving, controlling, flexible strength, self-assured .


Wet, cool, descending
Reflected in the Individual - Flowing, adaptable, pliant


Hard, structured, symmetric
Reflected in the Individual - Organized, substantial, strong, durable


Dry, hot, ascending
Reflected in the Individual - Dynamic, sparkling, enthusiastic

While the treatment rooms set the stage, it will be the actual therapeutic procedures that will carry the concept through –giving greater credence to our concept and reinforcing in the minds of our clients the integrity the business has.

The Ousia philosophy consists of four steps, designed to facilitate an integrated spa and salon experience; Insight, cleanse, nourish and transform. The study of the wholeness of the human experience within the context of our environment, and our relationship to space and time is not a new one. Ancient cultures and great religions have studied the patterns of wo(man) kind for thousands of years. The circular aspect of time has survived through the Aruyvedic teachings, the Chinese 5 element theory, and the Native American Medicine Wheel. All of these circles convey a sense of seasonality, of rhythm as people move through the brief time they have here on earth. Time and space are “invisible” and relative, yet how we think about them reflects the elusive, existential quality of who we are. It is crucially linked with the Fifth Element Integration, located in the center of the circle. A greater understanding of time, space and rhythms helps us integrate the elements of the spa experience.

This path will follow a course such as:

1. Insight –a personalized consultation with the client to access their specific needs.
2. Cleanse –the process of removing the accumulation of stress, strain, tension and sluggishness within the body
3. Nourish –Appropriately selected skin and hair care products are applied to address the individuals need.
4. Transform –The curative part of the treatment process that begins the rebalancing of the cells
5. Restore –the accumulative benefits of the previous steps, the end result being balance and harmony.

SBL will regularly examine roles that new products and services will play in the growth of Sheba’s Beauty Lounge. In order to promote the speed and effectiveness of our future new product development efforts, Sheba’s Beauty Lounge is committed to the following: having in salon education 11 times a year, attending on-going outside education, reading all relevant trade journals, sending client questionnaires and surveys on a regular basis, and keeping close relationships with manufacturers and vendors.

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